In a profession that requires no greater demands on work-life balance to other highly compensated professions though still has far less women leaders in comparison, Ellen Carr (Portfolio Manager at Weaver C. Barksdale Associates) offers useful advice for women portfolio managers, and those aspiring to be one, about how to achieve success in wealth management.

  1. Self-promotion = an actual promotion. Women, more than their male counterparts, need to convince their bosses that they are capable of succeeding in senior roles.
  2. Trust your intellect and remain confident in your market recommendations when markets fluctuate unexpectedly.
  3. Avoid placing too much value on complex mathematical formulas that are most typically brought to investment committees by male counterparts. There are many ways to generate returns, highly quantitative analytics being just on.

Women taking these steps are important, however employers and male senior leaders must also continue to learn about the value women can bring to portfolio management. Only then, can the “unobvious” psycho-cultural barriers women investors face be overcome.