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Private equity M&A set to whittle sector down to 100 ‘next-generation’ firms

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, the acquisition of Global Infrastructure Partners will have certainly been a hot topic of discussion.  It appears to have sent shock waves through the market, overnight creating one of largest infrastructure managers. Next up, General Atlantic acquiring Actis adding $12.5bn of sustainable infrastructure assets.

Over the next decade, a significant consolidation is anticipated in the private market fund management sector, with the number of managers dwindling to as few as 100. This contraction is attributed to factors such as rising interest rates, fundraising difficulties, and escalating regulatory expenses.

Larry Fink described Infrastructure as ‘The future of Private Markets’.  2024 is off to a hot start and I have feeling this is just the beginning…

Private equity M&A set to whittle sector down to 100 ‘next-generation’ firms.


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