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ESG Showdown: Asset Managers' Passion Cools, Green Commitments at Risk

ShareAction's annual assessment reveals a stark decline in major asset managers' support for ESG resolutions, particularly in environmental matters. Only 3% of environmental resolutions passed in 2023, down from 32% in 2021. The report highlights concerns over major asset managers, including those committed to net-zero goals, voting against environmental resolutions, risking accusations of greenwashing. Social resolution support also dropped from 15% to 4%. Regional disparities between European and North American asset managers are noted. Positive outliers include EFG Asset Management and Santander Asset Management. The 'big four' global asset managers continue to see declines. The findings underscore challenges in aligning asset managers' actions with sustainability commitments.

Support from the world's biggest asset managers for company shareholder resolutions that seek to advance progress on ESG issues "catastrophically crashed" last year, despite many major investors remaining committed to meeting net zero emissions goals.


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