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Challenging Pay Gaps in Asset Management

In an era where Asset Management companies are challenging themselves to be “better” at Diversity, running as Asset Management search firm whilst also being part of an ethnic minority offers a unique perspective. 

Our clients challenge us to deliver broader slates of candidates, but this has been pushing on an open door from their perspective, as we live and breathe diversity alongside our specialism in Asset Management. 

Schroders' 2022 Inclusion report makes for sober reading around pay gaps among ethnic groups of employees. However, my overriding feeling is admiration that the company is prepared to invest in understanding their workforce better and is confident enough to be transparent about the issues that exist in this context. This is not as common as perhaps it should be. 

Narrowing gaps in pay across gender, ethnicity and other factors is a train that has left the station and can't be held back. It is to Schroders' credit that they are comfortable revealing these challenges (that exist in every firm) whilst supporting actions to close these gaps. 



For the first time in its history, Schroders has disclosed its UK ethnicity pay gap figures, highlighting that the firm has a long way to go in order to achieve its goal of racial equity.


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