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The CFA adapts to heightened demand for technical investment talent

The CFA programme marks its 60th anniversary, and with that comes some welcome adaptations to the syllabus, reflecting change within the industry, most notably the incorporation of digital practice skills modules to include python, data science, and AI.

This particular change comes at an opportune moment,  as reflecting on my own work, many of my clients have requested additional skillsets within traditional investment hires, most notably the ability code. In many scenarios that have played out, the ability to code has been the reason one candidate has been hired over the other. 

With the current job market being as competitive as it has ever been, it's fantastic to see that the CFA are arming its current and future members with the essential skills required to be a well rounded investment professional.

The CFA made the most comprehensive enhancements to its program in March this year as it seeks to maintain the essence of Benjamin Graham’s vision to focus on professional standards but also keep pace with the industry’s evolving ethical, technical and client-led demands.


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