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Solvency II Reforms in Focus: PRA Consultation for the UK Insurance Market

The Prudential Regulation Authority has taken a significant step in reforming Solvency II for the UK insurance market. In their first consultation paper, they present proposals to adapt regulations to better suit the unique characteristics of the UK insurance industry. The paper reflects collaborative efforts between the PRA and industry experts, aiming to simplify the regulatory framework while maintaining prudential standards.

The consultation paper covers various key areas of reform, focusing on simplification, flexibility, and encouraging new players to enter the UK insurance market. The primary goal is to reduce administrative burdens and reporting requirements, making compliance more efficient and cost-effective for insurers.

Outlined in the paper are five main themes. One proposal is the introduction of a simplified default method to replace Solvency 1 calculations, streamlining financial resource requirements and amortisation.

Another area of focus is on enhancing flexibility by granting "permission" to use an Internal Model instead of the current "approval" process. This change will offer insurers greater flexibility in their modelling approaches. The PRA also plans to introduce a mobilisation regime for new insurers, enabling a phased stage of operation during authorisation to facilitate market entry.

Additionally, the PRA aims to expedite the process for granting capital add-ons (CAOs) to insurers, reducing the complexity of internal model permissions. Regular aggregate reports on CAOs will be published for transparency and consistency.

The consultation paper outlines amendments to PRA rules, ensuring alignment with the onshored Solvency II Commission Delegated Regulation, simplifying the transition.

Stakeholders have a two-month consultation period to offer insights and feedback on the proposed reforms, with the final policy expected to be published by the end of 2023. The reforms aim to create a more flexible and tailored regulatory environment, supporting a competitive and resilient UK insurance market.

Insurance professionals and stakeholders are encouraged to actively engage in the consultation process to ensure their voices are heard and their concerns are considered in shaping the final policies that will govern the UK insurance industry.

The PRA has now published its first consultation paper (CP12/23 – Review of Solvency II: Adapting to the UK insurance market) on the Solvency II reforms following the publication of the draft statutory instrument by HM Treasury.


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