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Pioneering Inclusion in European Asset Management

The Diversity Project Europe (DPE) is set to launch in the autumn as the first cross-border initiative of its kind, aiming to promote greater inclusion in the asset management industry across Europe. 

Captained by industry veteran Ric van Weelden and backed by eight founding members including Aegon Asset Management, AXA Investment Managers, Franklin Templeton, and HSBC Global Asset Management, DPE will focus on gender equality, social mobility, and an inclusive culture. 

The initiative plans to encourage voluntary collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive change. DPE will commission research to assess the current state of diversity and inclusion in the European asset management sector and identify opportunities and challenges. By creating a more representative and diverse workforce, the DPE initiative hope to stay competitive and better serve clients. 

The Diversity Project is a cross-company initiative launched in 2016 to champion a diverse, equitable and inclusive UK investment savings industry. Its aim is to increase representation and participation at all levels of seniority within money management. Whilst diversity in the asset management industry has been increasing over recent years, it continues to struggle with lack of representation from women and minorities. Numerous studies have identified the potential economic and social benefits of diversity within workplaces and building a better balance is not only the right thing to do for just the asset management industry, but it will have a ripple effect that results in better support for women and minorities across all areas of the capital markets. 

"It is wonderful that the Diversity Project Europe is launching. Many of the issues holding back progress around diversity, equity and inclusion in the asset management industry are global in nature and we are going to make much more progress working together. I am looking forward to working with colleagues at the DPE to accelerate change and future proof the industry." Baroness Helena Morrissey, chair of the Diversity Project UK


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