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Diversity in Financial Services - Fact or Fiction?

Study has shown that within financial services, the vast majority of staff perceive DE&I as an afterthought, and two-thirds feel that their organizations do not do enough with their diversity policies. This misalignment between stated priorities and actual practices raises important questions about the commitment of financial institutions to fostering a diverse workforce.

The study highlights the pressing need for the financial services industry to address the existing gaps in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The findings of the poll underscore the urgency for organizations to align their words with actions, implement inclusive policies, and create an environment that welcomes and supports individuals from all backgrounds. By doing so, the industry can unlock the full potential of diverse talent and foster innovation, productivity, and long-term success.

70 per cent of staff believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are an afterthought in the financial services industry, according to new research.


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