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Infrastructure & the shift in 'core' assets

The ever-evolving world has shown rapid advancements across all facets of our lives and the way in which we are able to live them. From technology, to medicine, intelligence systems, and renewable energy sources, to name a few. Across the investment industry, the infrastructure sector is one which has been determined to keep up with the pace of such advancements. Private capital has been attracted to the sector for its stability, however, it is now offering more than stability - the possibility to invest into new technologies at a time when they are in a strong growth phase. For example, investment into EV charging, and smart cities, amongst others has shown to be highly lucrative and an exciting additions to the infrastructure space.

As a result of these emerging subsectors, this has meant that sectors which were once considered core+ are shifting into the core platform as innovative investments populate the core+ and core++ bracket. As we enter 2023, it is clear that this advancements across infrastructure investments will continue. Therefore, infrastructure investors are having to follow this evolution of the sector. 

Economic and social transformations are introducing new types of investments that represent opportunity for investors. Investors need to understand which categories assets belong to today and adjust their portfolios accordingly.


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