Competition into the Electric Vehicle (EV) space is becoming fierce as real assets investors across the board look to broaden their scope and enhance sustainable investments. The infrastructure sector is continuously making every effort to further invest into energy transition, with EV charging points being a clear winner as the future of cars is to be electric.

The expansion of EV charging points has been at the forefront of the infrastructure sector's investments; however, it is now also at a time of rapid growth across the real estate sector. The UK has made it a requirement for new developments with any form of parking to install EV charging points, from residential new-builds, to shopping centres, and offices, as well as other commercial real estate sectors. This has a ripple effect as EV owners who were previously deterred by locations without charging points are being increasingly attracted to locations which have introduced these.

Whether it is a requirement for real estate developments to implement EV charging points or not, it is clear that this is a good time to enter into an exponentially growing sector. The dramatic predictions of supply and demand for both EVs and charging points is therefore changing the landscape for commercial real estate investors.