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After a record year for infrastructure fundraising - what's next?

Private investments have weathered a few storms in recent years, with the next around the corner. The pending recession is rapidly nearing, leading investors look for their safest haven. Private equity fundraising has dropped dramatically in recent months, but there has yet to be a downturn for infrastructure.

"While traditional corporate private equity is showing intensifying signs of strain, other alternative asset classes are thriving – notably infrastructure and natural resources – as investors shift allocations to areas that offer protection amid inflation and rising rates."

The first half of this year has pushed fundraising records for infrastructure, which is undoubtedly something to celebrate. However, what will come of this once the next macroeconomic storm hits? Surrounded by uncertainty for the future of the market, it is certain that infrastructure will show great strength, but this will not come without weakness in areas. Will this be the last record fundraising effort until the economy recovers from the immanent downturn? 

It always feels slightly disconcerting to find yourself celebrating when the world around you is starting to fall apart. But such is the case after fundraising for unlisted, closed-end infrastructure funds registered its best half-yearly performance, with a record $112.7 billion raised, equivalent to 75 percent of the total amount garnered last year.


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