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The Growing Prevalence of Renewable Energy Investments in Private Equity

In July 2022, for the first time on record, temperatures in the UK exceeded 40°C. This beat the previous record set in 2019. This is a worrying sign of what may be to come in the following years with climate change and global warming now a more pressing matter than ever before. This coupled with energy supply chain issues have accelerated the push for clean energy transition.

‘Global investment in renewable energy spiked 11% in the first half of this year, relative to the same period in 2021, rising to $226bn and setting a new record.’ The leading investments were found in solar and wind projects, supported by record venture capital and private equity funding.

Private equity funds have the ability to instil change in this evermore important sector. Based off the figures from the first half of this year, renewable investments will be at the forefront of investment portfolios for the foreseeable future.

Investment in large- and small-scale solar projects reached $120bn, up 33% over the first six months of 2021. Financing for wind projects jumped 16% to $84bn.


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