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Schroders eyes bigger slice of private markets as it plans new funds

An interesting move by Schroders bringing their Private Market divisions under one umbrella. A move I think that will be common amongst global managers, as they continue to compete with focussed SME Real Estate & Infrastructure, Private Equity and Debt funds.  Global managers are aggressively seeking to add investment capabilities organically through team acquisitions along side M&A activity.  Whilst those with existing private market capabilities can plug additive investment teams into established sales functions.  Traditional asset managers seeking to build a presence find themselves in a 'chicken & egg' situation, investment teams seeking capital whilst sales teams seeking a product to sell!  The question frequently asked from our clients though, specialist private market sales or investment/product specialists plugging into a generalist sales unit? 

Schroders eyes bigger slice of private markets as it plans new funds. Bringing together its private assets divisions under the umbrella of Schroders Capital underlines the asset managers ambitions in the sector, according to chief Georg Wunderlin.


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