AMC partners with clients across Private Equity, Private Debt, Real Estate and Infrastructure. On an annual basis we host a networking event seeking to bring together leaders in the sector to discuss a specific topic of interest.

This year, our focus in on Diversity in Private Markets Investment. The event will be held on 4th September 2019 in Mayfair, London. 

This 90 minute breakfast event is an opportunity to engage with peers in the industry discussing the critical issue of Diversity in the sector. Topics we will seek to discuss include:

  • The economic case for Diversity in Private Markets investing and why this remains an issue.
  • How senior leaders across the industry seek to promote social mobility.
  • How Investors are challenging fund managers of these key issues.
  • What practical advice we can glean from competitors in this this space to promote this key issue.

We will hear from LPs and GPs about their thoughts on these issues and look forward to an engaging, interactive discussion.